Friday, 30 September 2011

Vauxhall Fashion Scout: Merit Winner x Leutton Postle

Leutton Postle is a luxury knitwear label that experiments with riotous colours and surface textures, creating unusual statement patterned pieces for the daring and bold woman. Created by Saint Martin graduates Sam Leutton and Jenny Postle, the duo were the named recipients of the Vauxhall Fashion Scout SS12 Merit Winner award and I was lucky enough to attend the show. To see my coverage of backstage and pre-show going ons, click here.

Jumbo fringing, chunky crochet knit patchwork skirts, one legged trouser slips and an array of sewn geometric designs with plaited detailing - this collection is unique and pushes every boundary of fashion design. Asymmetrical shoulders and neckline cuts, intricate detailing and with loose fitting poncho silhouettes, this collection evoked images of African femininity. 

To see the full show, click here. I conveniently placed myself at the end of the runway so I was the first to see the models as they walked out, and had a good view when they headed back. At 4:27 you can actually see me on the right, telling the other photographer to get out my way! Click here to see a short video I took of the final credits. I'm fairly new to the video capacities of my camera but expect to see plenty more clips in future posts as I get the hang of it all.

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