Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Corinne Day & Kate Moss

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A revolutionary fashion genius, Corinne Day found herself a photographic visionary in the early Nineties. Embracing the dirty reality of London girls, she had an eye for the capturing her street plucked models when they least expect - slumped, laughing or simply messing around. This unvarnished approach to fashion was a controversial move on from the pristine glam of the 80's and her work was first met with outrage. Nevertheless, Day went on to become a regular contributor to Vogue with her images becoming modern classics.

Aged 48, Day died in late August of this year having battled with a brain tumour.  

"Corinne was a photographer of huge talent and integrity. Her work for British Vogue was entirely original and will always be remembers. She could capture raw beauty like few others." - Alexandra Shulman, Vogue Editor

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One of her most renowned works was her depiction of Kate Moss in the '3rd Summer of Love' editorial for the FACE magazine in 1990, shown above. It was this shoot that really kick started Kate Moss's career - she was 16 at the time. 

Instead of launching into a whole history of her achievements, we'll look at her latest ventures which are of course linked to our high-street favourite, Topshop. 

"Topshop can confirm that the inimitable fashion partnership between Kate Moss and Topshop will enter a new phase in 2011"

Kate Moss's first capsule collection for the brand was launched back in May 2007 and has since been a regular addition. However, to bring a little more life into the collaboration, Sir Philip Green has given to go-ahead for his daughter, 19 year old Chloe Green, to join forces with Miss Moss to design together. Something to look forward for?

"She's really into vintage and I love clothes that are a little bit more modern, so I think it will be an interesting mix to work together." - Chloe Green
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This October will see the last of Moss's capsule collections in-store. Instead of being tied down with seasonal contributions, she is going to become a free agent, being able to introduce looks as and when they take her fancy.

"Kate and the Topshop design team will focus on creating Limited Edition drop-in collections, replacing the current Seasonal Collections"

This matches Kate's spontaneous style, and how exciting to have a regular additions from our London girl!

To mark this new chapter, Kate has hand-picked her Top Ten all-time favourites from her past 14 collections that we go on sale under a new label, 'Iconic Kate'. These include the pansy-print day dress from her first collection and the bold panther mini dress (shown above).


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  2. Great post! These photos of Kate are fantastic!