Thursday, 21 October 2010

Flash Forward: The Mullet

Scouring all the runway shows across our top fashion capitals, we are able to start pulling together possible trends for the seasons ahead. Of course these collections are not a dictation of what will be, but they are nevertheless a good inclination of what could be...So with the spring/summer 2011 collections having just been unveiled, we can look forward to this season with a keen eye and start building ideas of what we can expect to see leading future trends.


The mullet dress is one that is longer at the back and shorter at the front - and it is a key cut for SS11. This summer we have graced the maxi and new longer length skirts, but it seems our love for the mini has made its way back for the seasons ahead. 

Full & Flared:

In a sensual sheer pale beige, Lanvin presented a delicately pleated, billowing silk mullet skirt. It has a fabulous sense of movement and fluidity. Alexander McQueen took a fuller approach layering pleats. This created a structured form that flared from the hip, a stunning silhouette, almost creating a frame for the legs.

   © Lanvin                                                                                                    © Alexander McQueen

Frills Galore

Alexander McQueen bought a Gothic romance to the runway through a dip-dyed chiffon and excessively frilled full-length mullet. Similarly, Julien MacDonald offered a tailed mullet of frilled chiffon in an electric blue floral print.

© Alexander McQueen                                                                                                    © Julien Macdonald

Soft & Simple

Frankie Morello and Antonio Berardi kept the cut smooth and the dress elegantly light and fluid, no fuss with frills or pleating. Chiffon seems to be quite a popular choice across all the runway shows for SS11, mainly for its texture and transparency.

© Frankie Morello                                                                                                    © Antonio Berardi

Square Cut

For those not favouring the billowing chiffon tails, feminine frills or pleats, there is the straight square-cut mullet dress, much like the ones featured in the Albino and Osman SS11 collections. Is it exactly as it sounds - extremely angular, cut-and-sew of a longer back to a shorter front.

© Albino                                                                                                    © Osman

Mini Mullet

Unique presented a mullet dress dramatically shorter than what would be expected. With a 60s shift dress vibe, this mullet cut was perfectly rounded with the longest point touching the back of the knees and the shortest reaching daring heights.

© Unique                                                                                                    © Unique

Longer Length

Quite opposite to the mini mullet, and more resemblant of the maxi, is the dropped-cut mullet. Still with a distinct shorter front and longer back, this design has its short length reaching the knees, and long length brushing the ankles. Osmans take on this style was quite rigid and structured, while Unique followed the seasons trend of sheer, lucid materials and opted for delicate peach silk.

© Osman                                                                                                    © Unique

Already leading by example, Topshop have this stunningly elegant 'bandeau tail dress' in store for £60. 

© Topshop

...and this square cut mullet for £55.

© Topshop

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