Saturday, 9 October 2010

Imperfect Beauty

How far would you go for the sake of fashion? 

Not a lot actually shocks me now-a-days, but today I saw a short clip from America's Next Top Model which made me quite angry, to say the least. (series 15, episode 3) 


Aspiring model, Chelsey Hersey (shown above), entered the competition with a natural gap between her two front teeth. Rather than plain flawless beauty, the trend of having slight imperfections has been on the increase, with a gap in the teeth being more of a fashion statement than a oddity. Hersey, needless to say, would be deemed quite desirable to most, however it didn't make the mark for the presenter and founder of the show, Tyra Banks.

'We love your teeth, and if you agree, we'd love to exaggerate that and take you a little bit more to Lauren Hutton' - Tyra Banks
© christycoleman

Only 22 years of age and with a determination to win the hearts of the nation with her dedication to her work, Hersey agreed to undergo a dental procedure to widen her gap. With what looked like a power tool, a quarter of a millimetre was shaved off each front tooth making the barely noticeable diastema into an attention-grabbing, 'fashion' statement. 

We are no stranger to the world of plastic surgery, but is this just another step too far in the name of beauty? After-all, trends come an go and unlike Lauren Hutton (shown above) who was the first model to be noticed with a gap, is it really enough to establish any aspiring model as unique? 

Other celebrities known for their gap include: 

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In demand and last years highest paid model, Lara Stone. 

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Lindsey Wixson

© vanity fair

Georgia Jagger

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New to the scene, Ashley Smith.

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Vanessa Paradis


  1. I think they`ve gone a bit too far with this.

  2. I wonder how much veneers are going to cost her once the "trend" has changed? I could argue that this is a form of mutilation. How unglamorous! Much too far with this one.