Saturday, 30 October 2010

My Vintage Vow for 2011

I suppose it was a revelation that day, not so long ago, when I looked through all my receipts from Topshop saved from me - there was a lot. Though more shocking than the huge pile, was the staggering figure I had somehow managed to spend. I had splashed thousands, and on what? Like countless others, I had fallen into the swing of the fast-moving fashion-conscious world, spending ridiculous amounts on overly priced pieces that would be worn a few times, then thrown to the back of the wardrobe to be forgotten. 

Now it's time to change and so here is my 'vintage vow' for 2011 (a little early, but with good intentions nevertheless) ...

I vow, for one whole year (if not more) to buy only vintage, second-hand or make-do-and-mend with the clothes I currently own.

This might not be everyone's first choice, and to be honest it's a little out of my own comfort zone, but there is logical behind my madness. Firstly, besides saving a penny, I'd be purchasing truly unique pieces that wouldn't be seen anywhere else on the highstreet. Instead of looking like some cloned walking advertisement, I'd be expressing my own individuality. With each buy, I'd also be at peace knowing that my decision to purchase vintage or second-hand is an conscious effort to banish my old habits and recycle garments.

To banish any presumptions that I'll end looking like a rag-doll out of the 20's, I thought I'd share my first vintage purchase...

This 50's chunky knit jumper was £20 from WOW Retro in Covent Garden, London. Admittedly it is a mens jumper, but it's bang on trend at the moment so really couldn't resist. It's 100% wool and was made near to home in Scotland, so double points for being ethical and supporting traditional culture. 

Now lets go back to Topshop... 

Below is a chunky knit jumper currently in-store - how similar is this to mine? Only differences are is it's being sold at £48 instead of £20, it's only 70% Wool and it was manufactured in Turkey where you can almost be guaranteed of unfair working conditions, to say the least.

End of the day, if you ignore the label, it is still only a jumper. 

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