Friday, 8 April 2011

Kate Winslet - March Vogue

Just love the cut of this dress and the white against the skin. Not much a fan of the peroxide hair and darker eyebrows, but Kates new figure is amazing and is really complimented in this outfit. Just wish I could pull it off!

Bulgari Campaign

I recently stumbled across this new ad' campaign for Bvlgari featuring Kirstan Dunst and just loved its sense of delicate and flawless luxury.  Well, I say recently, this was probably over a month ago now but I have been so rushed off my feet with my new position! Holding a rather large bottle of Mon Jasmin Noir Bvlgari perfume, Dunst bares all wrapped in a pink silk sheet huddled close to lion - fierce and wild danger meets the soft exterior of a woman who hides a fiery determination - hell hath no wrath like a woman scorned!