Saturday, 25 December 2010

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

I spy: Mary Katrantzou

Anyone who knows me would know I absolutely love Mary Katranzou!

For her autumn winter 2010 collection, she took inspiration from 18th century portraiture, with particular focus on Madame de Pompadour and the paintings of Fragonard and Nattier. Incorporating her signature trompe l’oeil prints, Katrantzou managed to translate the fanciful and romantic elements of historical costume for the 21st century woman. An eccentric collection of asymmetrical cuts, layered graphics of regency jewels, brooches and pearls with plentiful ruffles of tulle and adorned with chandelier inspired necklaces and bracelets. This fragmentation of what women used to wear in the 1700’s is also imposed in the sophisticated palette of antiqued gold, fragrant greens, amber and sheer greys.

Rosamund Pike recently wore a dress from Katranzou's AW10 collection to the Made In Dagenham film première in London's Leicester Square. I just think it is absolutely gorgeous!

Claudia Schiffer was also clad in a Mary Katrantzou creation for the British Fashion Awards earlier this month. Love!

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Dip-Dyes & Two-Tones - Candy Hues, Extreme Contrasts & Natural Combos

An unmissable hair trend for this winter is dip-dyed or two-tone highlights. I've been seeing some pretty bright locks recently so thought I'd delve in our celebrity pool and pick out a few to share...  

© aaa-fashion

Ellie Goulding (above) and Kelly Osbourne (below) have both opted to put their locks through a silvery lilac wash. Although this is normally a look we see sported by our older generations, it actually works for these two, giving them a fantasy-like appeal.

© rex features the gloss

Katy Perry chose to be quite discreet with injections of purple and electric blue. This look could easily be replicated with a few clip in hair strands and is a safe option for those of us too chicken to pick up hair dye!

© glamour

Dree Hemingway was one of the first to sport the dip-dye trend with her hair streaked with a coral pink for the Giles spring/summer 2010 runway show. Does anyone remember those mascara hair brushes?...just had a mini flashback...

© a-nothersalon

One of my favourite models, Abbey Lee Kershaw, rocked half a head of fuschia pink for Australian Vogue 
recently - very punk.

© wantwhatsheswearing

For a softer head of pink, Audrey Kitching has washed her white blonde hair through with a baby pink wash and dipped the tips in a light aqua blue. A bit too much for me but Audrey is a crazy one so suits her personality perfectly.

© broadwayworld

There's no surprise to see Lady Gaga in this line up. At the MTV Music Awards back in September this year, Gaga sported a head of soft white curls with aqua blue tips.

© iluvgaga.blogspot

Similar to Gaga, Peaches Geldof chose to have aqua blue dyed tips. Paired with her headband, and true to her personal style, Peaches as turned this look into a free-spirited boho representation.


From two-tone to a whole rainbow, Nicki Minaj has really gone to town with her locks! Well, saying that, we all know Nicki favours a blonde wig but she has recently taken to dying the ends in a range of bright and bold colours. Not really my cuppa but at least she's bang on trend for SS11 with colour blocking!

© sugarscape

Drew Barrymore, always a rock chick at heart, is a perfect ambassador for experimenting with her hair colour. From the luscious Californian sun-bleached locks, she's now styled her hair in a clean cut bob, boldly dying her ends black. Being critical, some could argue that away from the candy shades, these styles look slightly like overgrown and outgrown roots, but whether dip-dyed or gradually two-tone, they actually are quite quirky. Quite fond of the black / blonde contrast!

© PA photos /  © post-beautiful.blogspot

Finally, we have the gorgeous Alexa Chung who has just bagged herself the BFA British Style Award. (Stay posted for an up-to-date style guide on her very soon!) Alexia has also taken a subtle approach and allowed her roots and mid-section remain brown while the tips are dyed blonde. The result is a seemingly natural graduation of colour that compliments her complection and softens her features. 

© disconaplondon.wordpress

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

I spy: Michael Kors - Hamilton Bag

Firstly, I have to apologise for the lack of posts recently. I will be updating regularly from now on :) x

So, with Christmas round the corner I've started to day-dream of all those pretty, shiny things I'd love Santa to deliver...and one happens to be a lovely Michael Kors Hamilton bag, at $298. 

It's a shame to admit that I have been using the same beaten down bag for the past 4 years and with that much devotion to one bag, I'm starting to feel the time is right to move on to bigger, better things. Of course I'm still dreaming of that Prada tote, but the Michael Kors Hamilton seems to be a winner among the faces of the fashion world and as it goes, I've fallen in love with it too.

© altamira: models off duty

The top row features French model Constantine Jablonski, with the second shot of her leaving the SS11 Chanel Show back in Paris Fashion Week. The bottom left is the beautiful Swedish model, Frida Gustavsson, and to her right, Karmen Pedaru. 

...I've been a good girl all year Santa! Or if all else fails, a girl needs to treat herself once in a while.

Friday, 19 November 2010

Street Spotted: Designer - Hildur Yeoman

While out-and-about in London doing a spot of street-style hunting, I happened to bump into Hildur Yeoman, fashion designer and illustrator.

It was her quirky style that made me stop her, though namely her array of electric blue crochet and beaded necklaces. It was only after a little small-talk I realised the woman I stopped was the actual designer of these necklaces, and was in London sorting business with a couple new suppliers of her most recent collection. I have to admit, I had never heard of her before this meeting, but having come home and done my research into her work - she is one extremely talented lady!

...Also loving the fact that she had been shopping at Rockit, Covent Garden - one of my top picks of London vintage stores.

© Natalie Green

Hildur has decided to do one collection of accessories a year, with her most recent one featuring crochet swans, beads and - from her previous collection - crochet poodles!

To shop Hildur Yeoman, click here.

Most recently, Hildur collaborated with fashion photographer Saga Sigurðardóttir. Her styling and illustrations were merged with Sigurðardóttir's photography to create a magical world inspired by greek mythology and russian fairy tales. The end results are gorgeous and are an innovative merge of two separate artistic talents - wouldn't mind a print myself! Below are just a few examples.

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Flash Forward: The Cape

The cape has undoubtedly taken centre stage for this seasons retro renaissance, adding a dash of sophistication and 60s glamour to the fashion conscious masses. Classic icons, such as Twiggy and Audrey Hepburn, lend themselves to this wholly British trend that boasts military chic while homing in on demure, feminine elegance. In fact, on the street today you can almost be guaranteed to spot one of these timeless numbers, in a range of colours and styles.

Looking forward to spring/summer 2011, the cape is still holding strong as a throw-on must-have piece only lighter, more refined and often as an extended back to an actual garment. 

Floor Sweeper

Hermes fully embraced the legendary Zorro figure in his western parade for SS11 with a sheer black, billowing cape adding mystery and impact to the whole ensemble. Julien MacDonald took a more delicate and feminine approach that looked as if the white satin cloak barely touched the shoulders, creating an almost goddess-like frame.

                                                                             © Hermes / © Julien Macdonald

Straight, Printed & Net

A little more discreet, but still a statement addition, the evolved cape for SS11 can also be straight cut, printed or even netted and de-constructed. Unique demonstrated how perfectly the cape could continue as an extension of the top, in the same print and fabric, while Vivienne Westwood turned the cape into more of an accessory.

                                                                                                 © Unique / © Vivienne Westwood

Fall Reminiscent

Falling just above the knee, this style is the most similar to this seasons take. The style has moved on in terms of lighter fabrics, pleating and print but nevertheless, this is the summer translation of the cape.

                                                                                      © Richard Nicholl / © Gaspard Yurkievi

Short & Simple

In summer, we hardly want to be wrapped in lengths of fabric so while the chiffon and satin capes allow us to fashion longer length capes comfortably in SS11, the shorter lengths can be cotton. Unique has taken a symmetrical and simplistic approach, while Vivienne Westwood used a bold checked print that almost disguised the garment structure - perhaps a safer choice for those more conscious of trying new styles.

                                                                                                 © Unique / © Vivienne Westwood

Leading by example once more, Kate Moss featured the below embellished cape-back dress, £130, for Topshop in her final mainline collection.

Click here to view my post on the launch & Kate's final collection