Wednesday, 17 August 2011

It's the little things...

This post is in aid to my despair when, yesterday, I went in search of the Mulberry Heart friendship bracelet, featured in a couple posts previous, only to find that it is no longer available! 

I'm sure you can still get hold of it somewhere, but it's not exactly the same if you can't see it on the site. I'm gutted...but naturally there are plenty of other little wonders I want to collect and I thought I'd share just these three...

First, is this simple 22k rose gold coated skull bracelet by newly graduated designer, Leila Kashanipour of  LeiVanKash (£90). Don't be surprised if you haven't heard about her yet, but keep your eyes peeled as she is quickly grounding herself as an extremely talented and unique jewellery artist. I have become fond of quite a few of her pieces, so will be following her developing career with some interest.

The Blonde Salad has already featured the skull bracelet. If you look closely enough, you'll also notice she is wearing the 'Peace' Mulberry friendship bracelet too! 

Next up is this delicate creation by Redline. The Pure Bracelet comes in two colours and boasts a single white 0.05ct diamond set in 18ct gold: the pink string symbolises fantasy, whilst the orange symbolises energy. At a pricey £349 each, I am attracted by its simplicity and subtle nature.

Finally, an 18ct gold Hamsa charm bracelet by New York-based brand, Halleh's (£425). The talisman charm is from Persian culture and is a symbol of good luck. I find the notion behind this charm very interesting so I would not only wear this bracelet as a delicate addition, but also for the meaning and symbolic reference.

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