Friday, 3 June 2011

Here's To Expensive Taste!

I have finally made my Mac conversion! 

Begone are the days of Windows and I've admitted defeat. Like a fish to water though, I've managed the change and now I can't live without it; I literally take it everywhere. The only issue now is finding a suitable sleeve to carry it in. Trust me, I've looked at a fair few but none match this one. It may be simple and plain, but it's luxury and class - I love it, and more to point, I think I deserve it! Inspired by the iconic Bayswater, just one of these treasures would be as much of an investment as the Mac itself which each retailing at £425, and of course there is the matter of choosing which colour - Natural Oak, Natural Black or Petticoat White Pebbled Leather. Choices, choices…

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