Sunday, 26 September 2010

Manolo's New Shoes

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As part of my 21st birthday gift from the family, I received this beautiful collection of Manolo Blahnik sketches. Designing since 1971, Blahnik is synonymous for exceptionally crafted shoes that are unique and objects of pure desire. Each design starts with these colourful sketches, that have become as sought after as the shoes themselves. 

Homing in on his current inspirations and desires, the volume is organised under such titles as 'Africa', 'Architecture' and 'Botany'. It really is intriguing to see how such a talent translates outside influences into their work, and it is something that I would love to pursue. 

For anyone who appreciates art and fashion, this really is a gorgeous book to own. 

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Of course, to see the best of Manolo, we only need to turn our attention to the Sex and the City girls. I really do need to train myself to last in heels. Second to that, I think I need to go shopping!

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